Sunday, 13 February 2011

Let me count the ways......

I am a lucky person that I am in a loving relationship; which has been bought to my attention more so as tomorrow is Valentines Day.

I love being in love, and I would never want to go back to being single. Not because I hate the idea of being alone, or cannot live without him....but because I don't think anyone else would put with me!!!

Here is a list of things that despite being husband still loves me!!
  • Up until a few years ago I thought Motown was a real place
  • I mistakenly thought Mr T had proclaimed "I ain't eating no plane food" and my husband didn't wet himself as he should have when I loudly exclaimed this on a flight to a flight attendant offering me a soggy sandwich...thinking I was being incredibly funny
  •  I have an issue with baked beans...I don't like them touching other things on my plate. My wonderful husband now serves up my dinner putting the offending items into a ramekin; allowing me to dip as I wish
  • When I get home from work I don't like to talk for at least 15 minutes
  • I still need to get my Dad's approval before making any major decisions - especially when it comes to my car!
  •  I'm a HR Pro...and ask the difficult questions he doesn't really want to have to answer
Despite all this (and much much more) he still thinks I'm beautiful, he still makes me laugh everyday, he amazes me with his understanding of me, and hes still here!

So...just for one small moment I am going to wallow in my smugness.....

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  1. What a fantastic list foibles OK? Whatever they're great. Loving the baked beans thing. And I thought you and your readers might enjoy this 30 second vid a friend of mine made remixing Mr T and Saving Private Ryan. It's a cracker.