Saturday, 26 February 2011

The pull of community

Why do we tweet? Simple question....but I don't think a simple answer. I've discussed this with a few people recently, some who are twitter fans, some who just don't get it, and some who are wary of it but really want to give it a go.

I personally don't see the point in being on twitter purely to follow celebrities....their life's have no relevance to mine, and although I love a good bit of gossip I really don't give two hoots if Brittany has just seen some AWESOME shoes, or if Katie Price is just being a prized wally again!!

I was lucky that I stumbled across an amazing community of people, who are like minded and all work within a similar field to me. This was helped by the almighty force that is TheHRD, and the wonder of the ConnectingHR group but I hope I sustained my place by being honest, and exchanging the odd witticisms or two.

But I am not a naturally outgoing person, and definitely not one for large groups. Sometimes I sit watching the twitter feed and it reminds me of parties I used to go to where I would just sit in the corner and stare at everyone; wishing I could be like them....and just strike up conversations with strangers. But I've found that it's ok to be like that....and so I feel able to carry on tweeting my inane takes on life, and dip in to others conversations whenever I feel comfortable to.

And that's what I've come to really love and appreciate about Twitter. It builds communities of people that might not have ever met, and we all fall into our roles within the group, and it just works.

I have no powerful insight to share; just that Twitter is just a collection of life forces...who if thrown together in real life would probably act the same. But because we all live such 'busy' life's we sometimes forget we can be part of communities if we wish to, we can interact with strangers and make great connections if we wish to. Twitter just enables that in a very easy and safe way.


  1. This is a great post, and as a fellow introvert, I know exactly how you feel!

  2. I Like this post and good for you for writing it. I too love being part of this community, sometimes I dont have much to say and besides which its usually already been said by so many clear voices. But I am usually around, listening and picking up on great threads and giggling away at the humour. I also liken it to a comment @sarahfmatthews made about it being like a chat at the water cooler during the working day. I often share my lunch break with you guys; my organisation is not ready to have me on twitter during working hours yet...although I had a moment of triumph last week when news of the DRA draft regs issue broke and I was able to explain the issues using the excellent anaylysis out there and keep my team informed.

    I hope to meet you at connectingHR, I will be attending the next one (even if I am sitting in the corner)!

  3. What a great post Katie. You gave it a good thought and made sure readers understand how it feels to be part of #connectingHR community. Totally agree with you in all cases. Whole experience is more alive then anyone can imagine. I like the fact that I can talk with people about things I like and HR factor is pushed on side. You share more than just your professional life. Also, there is always someone out there, no matter what time of the day. I am very happy to find your blog and will subscribe to make sure not to miss your posts.


  4. Hiya - I'm on a carnival of HR tour, going to visit all the blogs. It's great that you've written so personally about what Twitter means to you - and now your pull of community thinking is part of the carnival community. Cool eh?

    Good work - Doug

  5. I'm reading through the carnival of HR and found your post a nice read. For me, Twitter opens up a whole world of knowledge that is out there, and where it is very easy to jump in. There are all kinds of wonderful articles that you would never read if you remained in your usual circle. And it's about sharing with people you would never meet in real live, but who are kind, friendly, have something to offer and are willing to participate.

  6. Well done again for a great personal post. Sorry for the delay in response.
    I also often find myself sitting on the side lines watching the Twitter feed pass me by. This often is a trigger for my insecurities as it reminds me of the times when I wasn't part of the cool gang (not that I am now).
    I also have found the Twitter community a welcoming place and hope it will build on some initial connections to create real relationships both professional and personal.
    Well done for such perceptive observations on the joys of Twitter.