Thursday, 3 March 2011


Getting through life sometimes can feel like an uphill struggle. We face things on a daily basis that test our mental, physical and emotional strength. We all have our different ways of coping...but I bet all of us have that special someone, that special something that we return to in order to gain inspiration and regain our strength.

I would not have made it through the past two months without the help of my trusty collection of cheesy CD's that I have played FULL BLAST on my way into work, and when things were getting tough I would go for a drive at lunch time just to blast out a power ballad to remind myself that I am strong, I am supported and remind myself how to smile.

I found this powerpoint slide the other day (image above) that I used to have as my screen saver a couple of years ago. It contained all the things that at the time were my inspiration, the things I was either striving to acheive or gain...or the things that bought me happiness and joy. The fuzzy man in the bottom right hand corner is actually my true inspiration. He never pulls any punches with me, he actually has a love/hate relationship with HR so we have fierce debates on a regular basis. But I have always been amazed by how he remains credible, full of integrity and has never let pride get in the way of doing what needed to be done.

The other would be lovely to own an Aston Martin, but what I really cherish right now, and what inpsires me daily is just the feeling of being happy, at peace, and secure in myself.

What gets you through the day? How have your inspirations changed over the years?


  1. I go through phases. Sometimes I have blue periods where it takes a lot to inspire me, but most of the time I find inspiration all around me. I love where I live, I am in awe of my 2 beautiful girls, my friends inspire me and my family bring me such joy they will never quite know. It's not always been like this. In my 20's I found it hard to be inspired; I think I was going through the teenage gripe a little late. Now I feel like there is always a positive in everything and beauty to be found everywhere I just need to open my eyes and appreciate.
    Another good post!

  2. Imagining the smell of those yummy cakes you make helps me to keep going :) And I ain't kidding!