Monday, 17 January 2011

Everyone's ladder is different......

I'm working on a project at the moment to review our company's performance review process, ready to launch in April. I hosted a consultation stage with our team leaders to discuss formats, measurement options, timelines etc.....

The majority of individuals totally got the process, and recognised the importance of a valuable conversation held on a regular basis to discuss development opportunities, and areas for improvement. Then someone made a comment which will stay with me for ages.......

Team Leader - "I don't know what to say to the employees with no career aspirations, so we just tick their target boxes (I work in a call centre environment so heavy focus on KPIs) and then I let them go."
Me - "What about the added value they can offer, do you discuss how they could perhaps expand their role or take on new responsibilities, or what about behaviours?"
Team Leader - "That's not development opportunities though is it?."
Me - "Uhhhh...ok...perhaps that's something we can work on with the new forms and guidance." Cue internal screaming of "ARE YOU KIDDING ME????"

Am I crazy in thinking that everyone is different and therefore the opportunities we offer them should be unique to them??? The whole point of a one-to-one is to ascertain what that person wants from the company, and therefore what they need to do to achieve it. But....that doesn't mean promotion, progression, salary increase or even movement from their current role. There are 101 ways a person can add value to a business......take on added responsibilities, become a mentor, train others, be a 'go to' person.

And what about behaviours? Communication style, time management, solution providing, decision making, team work.....I could go on!!!! Everyone has areas they can improve on, and everyone will benefit from clear, concise, measurable targets.

So, never, ever say that the conversation on development has run dry......just reconsider the ladder.

And as for my ladder.....well....its domination of course!!!

N.B - the world in world domination being HRHopeful world.....all visitors welcome if they provide cake

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