Saturday, 15 January 2011

Let's get it started.......

All of my life I have been fascinated by human behaviour. I was always the lone child sitting and watching everyone else. This behaviour worried my parents and I remember instead of being threatened with 'being grounded' for bad behaviour I was told I would have to 'go out and play' if I was naughty!!!! Just the thought of enforced socialising meant that I never rebelled or acted up.

I thankfully got better at the talking part, and now feel one of my greatest strengths is engaging with people.....but not because I am naturally outgoing (I have one of the highest 'I' scores in the MBTI system I have ever seen), but because I have learnt via observation what makes people tick.

This led to my career in HR, which is a daily dose of love and hate....... And somedays I feel I want to jack it all in and go and find something less stressful, or demanding of my brain and emotions.

But...thanks to my Army Dad....I am all about finding the solution. I never talk about problem solving, I always call it solution providing. This makes me keep coming back for more because there's nothing more I love than coming up with the solution that brings joy, development, or greater profit to the individual concerned. the end of the day.....they're only human!!!!!!

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  1. Nice start - it's always interesting to hear others'reasons for heading into HR. As a fellow people-watcher, I can appreciate breaking te stereotype of the "social" HR person.

    I also like your twist on calling it "solution providing".