Friday, 28 January 2011

Strangest places.......

I've had a bit of a break from the social media scene, I know I only just started...but have had to face quite a difficult situation really and it's been quite draining.

This isn't the right forum to discuss it....but rearrange the following phrase and you'll get it.....

raise I've had to grievance a my line manager against

This has left me questioning my future in not only my current role, but my career in HR in general. I've also had a slight issue with the fact that I'm not an 'academic' HR person, I'm a 'doer', I love getting stuck in and just getting on with it. This has been constantly bought up in my venture to progress and makes me I ever going to get to the top as I want to?

I'm not a big sharer, but I had the pleasure of going to my sister's wedding last weekend, and the topic of bad management came up when someone within the friendship group asked for my advice. I then confessed to some of own worries and had an immediate outpouring of support, and affirmation of my HR ability via their own accounts of how my advice had helped them all over the years we have known each other.

I also ventured back onto Twitter and immediately I had people asking how I was. These are people who have never met me....but who as humans have taken an interest, and therefore notice when a fellow HR Twitter-er is missing.

These two separate occasions, and the love and support of my family will sustain me through, probably, the toughest period of my career so far. But its an opportunity to learn and develop, and come through the other side with knowledge and skills I did not have when I started.

And that is what HR is all about, it's sucks when you come across bad HR......but we do it because we love people, and we love development. HR Professionals come in all shapes and sizes....and I need to just realise there is a place for an Operationally Focused, Heart of Fluff, Giggler when most inappropriate, Lover of all things development related HR Lady like me.

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  1. It's interesting (and unfortunate) that you have to go through this, but I can relate in terms of being an HR-doer and really questioning whether this is where I should be. Unfortunately, it's easy to let someone else's bad behaviour taint your view of your abilities. stay true to yourself - as you mentionned, we need all kinds of HR.