Sunday, 16 January 2011

Jim'll fix it for you......or will he????

Having had training in career development, coaching, talent management....etc, sometimes you can't help but blur the lines between work and play. The hubbie and I had our bi-yearly 'Where are we going chat?' chat today (life wise...not relationship!!), and it got me thinking about how easily we (as humans) can go into 'tell' mode when someone is confused by the direction life is taking them or what to do next.

I am always being asked to provide a solution to someones problem; and often have to coach managers and aid them in coaching others. Again, and again I come across the same comments "I don't know what to say", "I've run out of options", "I don't understand what they want from me". The problem being the use of the word "I"......we, as HR or as line managers are not there to provide all the answers, but sometimes its about allowing the individual concerned to find their own way.

They may not make the decision you would, and sometimes their decision making might be's their problem to solve, not yours.

Asking the right questions, and watching someone find their own path, and owning it can be so much more fulfilling than telling someone what to do, then managing the consequences when it doesn't work.

Jim used to offer to fix it for everyone....but that style of management has hopefully disappeared along with the shiny tracksuits and gold medallions!!!

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